Audio stream recognition in phone calls

Rech audio stream recognition technology:

INDEPENDENCE — works without making use of third-party speech recognition services

HIGH REACTION SPEED — the incoming audio stream is analyzed in real time

AMAZING ACCURACY — takes account of the specific character of phone calls, meaning it can make predictions with high accuracy

EASY TO SET UP — offers a ready-to-use module for Asterisk and detailed API documentation

NOTHING TO PAY — the service is provided free of charge for small and medium volumes

Rech integrates with
Speech recognition (words)

In English Rech recognizes the spoken words:

Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Yes No Forward Back Cancel Confirm

Why do we use a limited list of words?

Classic services recognition of individual words does not give satisfactory results, if the words are used out of context. Rech offers a specialized solution that provides excellent results for particular words.

Can it recognize other words?

It can recognize any other words, so long as they are added to the dictionary first. Adding words to the dictionary is a paid service.

Why does Rech work better for phone calls than classic speech recognition systems?

  • Rech is a very specialized system, taking account of the distinctive features of IP calls
  • The AI is trained on examples "over the phone", not live conversation
  • Rech doesn't expect a fixed-length recorded clip: it analyzes the audio stream on the fly
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Answerphone recognition

Rech recognizes 99.8% of answering machines in use in:

Bulgaria Brazil Great Britain Hungary Germany Spain Italy The Netherlands Poland Portugal Russia Romania Ukraine France

Why is it important to recognize answerphones?

Participants in the phone market protect their own interests by not transmitting the correct call status when an answerphone picks up. Answerphones look to auto dialing systems just like users who have answered the call.

Why is Rech better than other available technologies when it comes to recognizing answerphones?

  • High accuracy in identifying answerphones is achieved by continually retraining the AI on an up-to-date database.
  • In most cases, Rech can detect an answering machine at the greeting stage — before it even picks up.
  • You can connect Rech to Asterisk in only 15 minutes, and no special knowledge is required.
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